Pioneer Koha Update

Pioneer has completed it data mapping and data migration to LibLime.  This is a process that duplicates our existing database of our current ILS and fits it into the Koha scheme.  This migration is complete and has been transfered to a server known as a test load.  Our database information is now populated on a PTFS Master 1.2 version of Koha.  The Koha Implementation Team is in the process of inspecting the test load for accuracy and exceptions to the transfer of information.
We still have a few portions of the Horizon database to transfer so some information regarding patron records and circulation records are still incomplete.  (e.g. My fine information is not showing up on Koha yet.)
We are also in the process of finalizing a development contract to create a grouping capability within this version of Koha.  This will allow LCL to act independent of the other member libraries but still allow us to act on accounts between the LCL locations. Prior to this development each library was recognized as a stand-alone.  This was fine for the other members since they only have one library but for us we needed to be able to make changes to a Anderson patron record from Gere Library for example and we could not do this under the current version.

In the near future we should be releasing website links so you can begin exploring the Koha databases with the imported information.

I have received a tentative training schedule from LibLime that we will be reviewing to develop the best times for staff to receive training on Koha.  We are still working toward a mid-April “go live” date so training opportunities will be coming up soon. Selected LCL staff will be attending Systems Administration (SA) training on February 7th.  This training will prepare us to start the configuration of the ILS to meet the needs of LCL policies and practices.  In the past there were only 3 LCL staff that had this level of understanding of the system, but with the implementation of Koha we are planning to have at least 8 staff members receive the training.
In the meantime if you have any questions please let me know.

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