Important upcoming dates for Lincoln

4/22/11     Last day for catalog changes in Horizon

                                No new titles cataloged in Horizon

                                No changing status to trace, display, cm, tpd, etc.

                                No bib records or item records can be deleted

                                No bib records or item records can be edited

                                No checking in of magazines or newspapers

                                No fast adds

Nothing you do after this point in Horizon will transfer over to Koha. 

4/28/11   STOP changes to patron data  (LOOK BUT DON’T TOUCH)

                                No new cards

                                No address changes

                                No replacement cards

                                No patron record changes of any kind

5/2/11     STOP circulation activity on Horizon ( LOOK BUT DON’T TOUCH)

                                Libraries use offline circulation (checkout only) 

                                Do not upload offline circulation transactions

                                No holds may be placed/filled

                                No fee payments            

                                No claim returned, no changing due date, no renewals

                                No self-checks

                                OPAC not available

                                No remote access to our catalog or databases

5/4/11   Go Live

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