Quick Progress Note

Here’s a quick summary to date with things continually changing for us –

PTFS got Lincoln and Grand Island live quickly and while we are working out a few issues with our data, for the most part everything is intact. We’ve got most of our SIP2 and other 3rd party applications up and running and have plans in motion to resolve the remaining issues there. Due to the enormity of its data and issues with Lincoln’s Internet connectivity, Lincoln is seeing some lags in response time for staff module checkin, checkout and holds lookups but is working with PTFS on several solutions. Grand Island’s staff circ functions are responding more quickly but the changes for Lincoln will benefit all libraries. The public is responding very favorably to the OPAC in both locations. In the meantime, St Paul Public Library has just gone live and so it is too early to tell how things are working for them, and Holdrege will go live in early June. — Steve Fosselman, Membership Committee

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