More Koha Tips

Koha – New and Updated Information No. 4          July 8, 2011


From Pat Sloan, Circulation Librarian

Messages and Circulation Notes

  • There are 2 different ways to put notes on a customer’s record.  They both are visible on the Checkout screen – in red print.
  • Messages – can add or delete only at the Checkout Tab screen.

ü  Click on ‘Add a new message’

ü  Be sure ‘Add a message for: ‘ box says ‘Other Librarians’

ü  Under ‘Predefined notes’ you may use the drop-down menu to select one of the pre-determined common notes such as, fresh start, Internet use permitted, address is out-of-county, has another card with charges, etc.

ü  If you are adding a note that doesn’t fall under one of the pre-defined categories, you just start entering the information in the box.  The date and your branch will automatically be added.

ü  Be complete with the message so other will understand it, click on the Save box, and finish with your initials.

ü  You can’t edit or add to an existing message.

ü  To delete a message just click on ‘Delete’ after the message.

  • Circulation Notes – can add or delete only at the Details Tab.

ü  To add, click on the ‘Edit’ button above the patron name or on the ‘Edit’ in blue under the ‘Library Use’ category on the right, following the OPAC Password entry.

ü  Be sure to select the ‘Circulation Note’ box which can be seen only by staff (unless you turn the screen around for the customer, so be careful!).

ü  Start with the date, enter the information, and end with your initials and branch.

ü  To delete – use the edit as above and either backspace or highlight and delete the text.

ü  If you add more info the next note will just start immediately after the text for the first note ends.

  • Note or Message to the Borrower

ü  To leave a message specifically for the borrower, do the same as above but chose the customer’s name rather than ‘Other Librarians’.

ü  To leave a note specifically for the borrower, do the same as above but use the OPAC note box.


Holds Are Held for 7 Days

  • Holds are held for 7 days.  When the Hold expires, it automatically says ‘available’ in the catalog unless it goes on to another customer.
  • The email Hold Notification tells the customer the expiration date.

Debarred / Restricted Customer – has 2 or more cards

  • Please notify Pat Sloan of any customers who appear to have 2 or more cards.
  • I will put messages on both records that give the name and amount owed (if any) for the other records.
  • I will then use the Patron Account Flag section under the Detail Tab to mark them as ‘debarred’.
  • On the Checkout Tab the following will appear under the customer’s name.

                      Cannot Check Out!

                              Restricted: Patron’s account is restricted

  • If the problem is solved, especially about 2 or more cards, please notify Pat Sloan.


Account Management Fee and Non-Residents

  • When renewing a record for a Non-Resident, select the More Button and then select Renew.
  • This will automatically add either $15 for 3-month Non-Resident or $60 for 12-month Non-Resident to their Fines Tab
  • It appears with the text ‘Account Management Fee’

Lost vs. Lost and Paid For

  • In the item level record in the catalog – under the Statuses section – Lost Status, there is a drop down menu with some selections.  One of them is ‘Lost’ and there is also a ‘Lost and Paid For’.   Always use the plain ‘Lost’ status.  Do not ever use ‘Lost and Paid For’.

Claimed Returned and Overdue Notices

  • When an item’s status is changed to ‘Claimed Returned’ the customer will continue to receive overdue notices.  The Claimed Returned status is part of the group of ‘Lost’ statuses (as is the Trace status).  At this time it still triggers the overdue notice to be sent.
  • On the Checkout Tab the Claimed Returned item is listed as a Lost item – Claimed Returned appears at the end of the message.

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