Data Extraction Instructions for Follett 6.2 – 6.4


Step-by-step instructions on how to use Microsoft Access to extract the tables from the Follett ILS to files that can imported into Koha.

Prepared by Vicki Perrie
Superior Public Library

After your ODBC driver is all set up.

Create folder at root directory called “Dump”, this is on the C drive.

To create folder on server 2003
go to start-accessories- windows explorer-my computer-drive C.
Then on right hand side right click and bring down drop down menu.
Click on “NEW” and create a new folder called “Dump”.

Windows 7
start- computer – drive c
Then on right hand side right click and bring down drop down menu.
Click on “NEW” and create a new folder called “Dump”.

Extracting records

Step 1
(Bib records)
Open up cataloging in Follett.
Go to File – click on export
Click on Holdings Format
Click on “no range” and “all records”
In “Save In”  change file name to” DUMP”
File name should read MICROLIF.(your extention , such as .001)_ (library code).txt
example MICROLIF.001_sup.txt

Step 2

Getting Records from your database to Access.  These are the text files.

  1. Open Access and the right side click on “Blank Database” – click create. From this new screen you don’t need to pick a table just leave this screen up and go  on.
  2. Go to File – “Get External Data”-“ Import”.
  3. On File Type at bottom – go to “ODBC Databases”.
  4. Pick to highlight  “Follett ODBC driver” – ok.
  5. Click on file name – ok.

This will put your files in the Access database you created.

Step 3

Getting records from Access to your Dump file.

  1. Open your database in Access so you can see your file names.
  2. Right click on file name- drop down menu click on “export”.
  3. In Save type at bottom select “text files”.
  4. Name of your file should come up. File name that you want is “File Name_(library code).txt”. – click “Export”.
  5. Make sure “Delimited” button is selected –click next.
  6. Select Tab button and Check box that says “Include field name on First Row” – click next
  7. Finish.

Go on to next file until all are done.

Step 4

Getting records to PTFS/LibLime.

  1. Open command  prompt. (Win 7 it is under “Accessories”).
  2. Type in cmd – enter
  3. At prompt  cd(space)\
  4. cd(space)dump
  5. dump> type dir
  6. Type ftp(space)  – enter
  7. Type” pioneer” – enter
  8. 2 atadapraBRa – enter
  9. cd(space)(library Name)
  10. dir (this shows you what Koha has in your folder)
  11. Type “bin” – enter
  12. Type “HA” – enter
  13. Type  “put(space)filename_(library code).txt  -enter.  Do this for all of your files. (page up to your dump directory for your file names)
  14. When you are finished type “Quit” or “Bye”  Close window.

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