Why do my patron/item barcodes look like 3.4666e+13 when I download my report to Excel?

When you download Koha’s SQL reports to Excel, the patron/item barcodes are displayed something like 3.4666e+13. This is because Excel’s General cell format automatically displays numbers with more than 12 digits in scientific notation. To fix it (in Excel 2007/2010):

  1. Select the entire column by clicking on the column’s Letter.
  2. Click Format.
  3. Click Format Cells.
  4. Click Number.
  5. Set Decimal Places to zero.
  6. Click Okay.

There is not any way to make it display as a Number by default. You will have to do this whenever a column displays this way in Excel.

Andrew “Sherm” Sherman
IT Coordinator
Sump Memorial Library

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