Issue with Patron Lost Items SQL report

If you have copied and are using the “[Library Name] Patron Lost Items” SQL report. Please be aware of a possible issue I have discovered with it. This report uses the lost_items table and this table contains records all items that have been put in a “lost” state. If a patron pays for the item they have lost and you remove it from the patron’s lost items, it will remain in this table associated with the patron who lost it. Even after the lost item is deleted, a record for it will remain in this table. I discovered this after using this report to generate a list of patrons to call about lost items to use on my library’s dialer. A patron who had paid for a lost item that was deleted from the catalog was called in error since this item still had a record in the lost_items table. As far as I can tell, the only way a record for lost item is removed from the lost_items table is if its “lost” status is changed to some other status.

I have created a new report which uses the items.itemlost status field from the items table titled “Papillion Patrons With Active Lost Items”. This report will generate a list of patrons to be contacted that have lost items that are “active” and need to be returned or paid for.

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