Agenda & Notice of Meeting: Executive Council, Thursday May 9, 10:00 a.m.

Executive Council
Pioneer Council
of Pioneer Consortium

Thursday May 9, 10:00 a.m.
Bennett Martin Branch, Lincoln City Libraries, Lincoln, Nebraska

1.    Call to Order
a.    Pioneer Council members include: Atkinson Public Library, Arapahoe Public Library, Beatrice Public Library, Bennington Public Library, Blue Hill Public Library, Central City Public Library, Edith Abbott Memorial Library (Grand Island, NE), Hastings Memorial Library (Grant, NE), Hildreth Public Library, Holdrege Area Public Library, Hruska Memorial Public Library (David City, NE), Lincoln City Libraries, St. Paul Library, South Sioux City Public Library, Stromsburg Public Library, Sump Library (Papillion, NE), Superior Public Library, Valparaiso Public Library, Western Nebraska Community College Library

b.    Executive Council: Pam Soreide, Holdrege, President; Robin Reed Brooks Clark, Vice President; Laureen Riedesel, Beatrice, Secretary; Vicki Perrie, Superior, Treasurer; Pat Leach, Lincoln, Immediate Past President

2.    Open Meetings Law Notice
3.    Roll Call
4.    Approval of Minutes, 4-12-13*
5.    Treasurer’s Report Acceptance
6.    Committee Reports
a.    Membership Committee
i.    Acceptance of Valley and ESU application and assurances to become Pioneer members*
ii.    Receipt of Central City joint entity agreement and fee to become voting member of Pioneer Council
b.    Technical Committee report
i.    Cataloging standards re duplicate cleanup – designated libraries and procedures
ii.    Committee recommends creation of new item type called DVDMULTI that will allow patron-initiated item level holds for series dvds that are separately packaged This has been tested in the sandbox*
iii.    Approve use of budgeted funds to support development to make Koha browser independent in GetIt – $21K total project cost, four consortiums targeted for contributions. Our contribution voluntary.*
iv.    Approve use of budgeted funds to support development to make some tags in RDA are not displayed or searchable. $9375 (more RDA work expected) total project cost, five or more consortiums targeted for contributions. Our contribution voluntary.*
v.    Technical committee recommends that minimum standards for MARC records being extracted for analysis by PTFS for new member libraries must have the following elements. PTFS to notify the Technical Committee if fewer than 90% of records meet these standards.
1.    ISBN or UPC (for DVDs and music cds)
2.    Title
3.    Author
4.    Date Published
5.    Edition
vi.    Possible naming of Executive Chair for Technical Committee
vii.    Update on GetIt
7.    Old Business
8.    New Business
a.    Appointment of Laureen Redeisel to complete Curtis Brundy’s term as Secretary
b.    Planning and promotion for training at NLA on Wednesday, October 9th
9.    Public Participation
10.    Adjournment

Action items denoted by *

pc:  Pioneer Council Members
Posted:   May 8, 2013

This meeting will be open to the public.  An agenda for the meeting, kept continuously current, is available for public inspection at each of the member libraries of the Pioneer Consortium.

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