New Fee/Fines reports due to 4.18 upgrade

I have created two new fines reports due to the new fines table structure that was put in place with the 4.18 upgrade. Any fines reports created prior to the 4.18 upgrade will no longer work and should be deleted.

The first new report is Std Fees Owed. This report will provide the patrons’ total amounts owed including accruing fines. You will need to enter your library’s Branch Code three times to run the report.

The second new report is Std Fees Paid by Branch Code & Date Range (date format yyyy/mm/dd). This report will let you see which patrons made payments for the date range you enter. To see reports for the previous day, use yesterday’s date and today’s date. For example, a report of the payments made on 5/21/2014 would have a START date of 2014/05/21 and an END date of 2014/05/22.


Andrew “Sherm” Sherman, IT Coordinator – Sump Memorial Library


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