Koha Training (Old system)

When planning how you’re going to migrate from your current ILS to Koha, this list of Migration Considerations covers a lot of the things that need to be thought through.

WebEx Videos
PTFS/Liblime has provided WebEx training sessions for Pioneer Koha members and will provide periodic updates, probably annually. LLC records these sessions. You may view or download them by clicking on the links below.

Overview & OPAC 7/24/12
System Administration 2/1/12
Circulation 2/8/12
Cataloging 2/15/12
Reports (part 1) 2/22/12
Reports (part 2) 8/28/12
GetIt (Acquisitions) 7/11/12

How-To Materials from Member Libraries
Member libraries have developed numerous how-to documents for their staff members. We invite all Pioneer Koha libraries to share here the documentation you develop for your staff. Email the items to a member of the Technical Committee and we will post them for you.

You may download available documents from the links below and edit them as necessary to fit your library’s needs. Editing probably will be necessary because of differences in library policies and procedures.

From LCL and Valparaiso (WORD files):
Ch 00 – Koha Manual Contents
Ch 01 – Koha training LOGON for others
Ch 02 – Koha Tabs on Patron Account
Ch 03 – Koha VAL checkout
Ch 04 – Koha In House Use Checkout
Ch 05 – Koha Renewals
Ch 06 – Koha Check In Receipts
Ch 07A – Koha Place Hold
Ch 07B – Koha Modify Hold
Ch 07C – Koha Holds Queue Report
Ch 07D – Koha Cancelled Holds
Ch 07E – Koha Expired Holds
Ch 08 – Koha Damaged Item Processing
Ch 09 – Koha Setting Item Statuses
Ch 10 – Koha Batch Edit Items
Ch 11A – Koha Linking Parent and Child Patrons
Ch 11B – Koha MORE button
Ch 12 – Koha Add Item to Catalog
Ch 13 – Koha Change Item-ISBN Association
Ch 14 – Koha Daily Reports
Get-It Manual v1008

How to Create a New MARC Record
The document “Cataloging Standards 6-29-12” gives step by step directions for creating a new MARC record. Ideally, MARC records are available from one of Pioneer Koha’s standard sources, such as the Library of Congress or your library’s OCLC account. When no such MARC record is available, please follow the standards set by this Adobe PDF document:
Cataloging Standards 6-29-12 

How to Import MARC Records with Item Information

Koha needs item-level info to be in field 952, with a minimum of :

  • 952 $a Permanent location (branch)
  • 952 $b Current location
  • 952 $y Item type
Remember these fields are all case-sensitive. Other fields Koha will recognize:
  • 952 $8 Collection code, if applicable
  • 952 $c Shelving code, if applicable
  • 952 $o Full call number
  • 952 $p Barcode
  • 952 $t Copy number (if multiple copies purchased and the library requires copy numbers)
  • 952 $v Replacement cost
In Koha, go to Tools \ Stage MARC records for import.
Once the file has been staged, make sure you choose Check for embedded item record data? YES so that Koha will recognize the incoming 952 tags.
If Baker and Taylor is supplying your MARC records, tell B&T to set them up with the 952 information. (At this point, you can only import MARC files with item information if you are using Baker & Taylor’s Customized Library Services (CLS).
Here are links to PDF files about field 952:

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