Series and Awards

The Library Thing for Libraries module on Series and Awards is now loaded onto our production server-meaning it is available to the public and for staff to use.  If you did not get a chance to try this out you need to pull up a record and go to the holdings level record.  Directly above the holding display you will have a clickable series title that will create a separate list of the series in proper order and also highlight the items in the series that are part of the collection. The awards are also clickable.  Just chose the one you would like to read about in connection with the title and link to the information.

Who Needs Advanced Searching?

Just a heads up that we are still working on getting I-Types straightened out, so a few advanced searches may turn up some unexpected results.  We have been making changes to the I-Types but so far they have only been made on the load server and not the sandbox.

But this is also great to begin using the standard keyword search function by putting in a combination of term and format. For example search Cats and DVD and you will get your desired result without the extra steps of the advanced search.  Better for our customers.

11 Exciting Features of Koha

Last week, the members of KIT had the opportunity to see a live demonstration of Koha .  I was pleasantly surprised by the number of features Koha has that staff and patrons have on their “wish lists.”  Here are 11 features that I found especially exciting:

  • “Did You Mean” feature allows you to search the catalog even with a misspelled word.
  • You can sort searches by popularity as well as by author, call number, dates, and title.
  • A one-word title search brings up all titles that contain that word, not just the titles that begin with it.
  • The library has the option to allow patrons to opt in to store their checkout history.
  • A side bar allows patrons to easily refine their searches by availability, authors, series, and topics.
  • Patrons can create public or private book lists (similar to Amazon’s Wish List feature) to print or email.
  • Item availability is listed on the initial search results screen.  You do not need to open the detailed record to see whether or not the item is checked in.
  • “Browse Shelf” feature allows patrons to browse through other books shelved near the selected item.
  • RSS feed feature allows patrons to subscribe to searches and be notified when we get new materials on a subject or author of interest to them.
  • A “Search to Hold” button in the patron’s record allows you to search for and reserve a book without leaving the patron’s record.
  • “Sent Notices History” keeps a record of notices sent to each patron.