11 Exciting Features of Koha

Last week, the members of KIT had the opportunity to see a live demonstration of Koha .  I was pleasantly surprised by the number of features Koha has that staff and patrons have on their “wish lists.”  Here are 11 features that I found especially exciting:

  • “Did You Mean” feature allows you to search the catalog even with a misspelled word.
  • You can sort searches by popularity as well as by author, call number, dates, and title.
  • A one-word title search brings up all titles that contain that word, not just the titles that begin with it.
  • The library has the option to allow patrons to opt in to store their checkout history.
  • A side bar allows patrons to easily refine their searches by availability, authors, series, and topics.
  • Patrons can create public or private book lists (similar to Amazon’s Wish List feature) to print or email.
  • Item availability is listed on the initial search results screen.  You do not need to open the detailed record to see whether or not the item is checked in.
  • “Browse Shelf” feature allows patrons to browse through other books shelved near the selected item.
  • RSS feed feature allows patrons to subscribe to searches and be notified when we get new materials on a subject or author of interest to them.
  • A “Search to Hold” button in the patron’s record allows you to search for and reserve a book without leaving the patron’s record.
  • “Sent Notices History” keeps a record of notices sent to each patron.

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